I finally decide to write something down here even I am not sure what kinds of topics should this blog write about. Whatever I’m gonna to write about next, this is a technical tutorial obviously. BTW, this tutorial is finished in 5min, it means that I typed it so quickly that the grammer error and miss-spell may occur. So if you can’t understand any sentence, comment or message me pls!

Guys, I found out couple of ways to deal with this problem!

All these methods have been tested already, considering the safe problem and extra condition, I would like to recommand the easiest solution as follow:

1. Firstly,  click the setting button in the top-right.


2. Next, click the tools button in the left side menu.


3. Open the browser, enter the website: http://cn-proxy.com/ and find out which server has the best connection and speed. Write down the Ip addresss and port number marked as a red rect in the picture.

微信截图_201709012240304. At last, back to the application, check the custom proxy. Then in the server ip and port session, fill the ip and port recorded before in them. Now, you can typically access the Netease Music with clicking on the “ok” button, however, I would suggest you to test the connection link to this ip and port because the server is always not so stable when we access it oversea. So, better to try to test server first.微信截图_20170901224000

5. Finally, after a restart, you are able to access it like accessing it in China. Good job, and enjoy your music and life.